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    Alrighty then...


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    Alrighty then... Empty Alrighty then...

    Post  Thor on Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:57 am

    Hello folks (and Jamstat)

    As some of you have noticed recently, the server world has been changed a few times. This is due to a number of reasons, the main one being that Odin has a very strange sense of humour! Here are some things you should be expecting during the run up to Bukkit being updated and implemented:

    The world will more than likely be reset/removed/reinstalled numerous times due to the above reason.

    Any building/mining work carried out will be griefed, heavily. (This is damn near unavoidable due to no plugins and we
    apologise for any distress this will cause)

    I (Thor) will more than likely be a right c**t, due to the stress of certain idiots not coming here and reading this, then
    coming on the server demanding that I tell them when Bukkit will be on( on that note, we don't know, go here for updates

    Over the next day or so I will be discussing with Odin, the arrangements of compensation for the loss of the old server. As I've said previously, the amount of money, supplies and help you will be given will depend on a few things, namely; length of time with the server; previous rank; build skill; friendliness and uptime. For instance, someone who has been with us since the start, has had mod status, builds awesome structures, has been on a lot and is a bloody nice person, will be getting a lot of money, creative for a week or so and not much help.

    Now if you flip that around a bit and take person B who has; not been with the server long but has member status, builds average stuff, is a bit grumpy but not too cheeky and is on now and again will be getting a considerably smaller amount of cash, a chest of items and admin/mod help*.

    People who joined during the down time, as a thank you for joining and sticking with us during a pretty ropey time, you'll be getting member status, a nice amount of cash (albeit the smallest of the lot) and some sort of help during build process*.

    Thanks everyone for reading an staying with us during this, quite blunty, shit time. We look forward to playing on the server with you soon and hope that the transition into the new world be a nice one.

    Any questions, feel free to ask away.


    *Help amount will vary depending on which admins and mods are on and what stage of spawn we are on.

    Also I'd like to mention that we may be deputising some of you as mods during the first week or so of initial building to help us minimise grief attacks, this will be a paid job (in game money ofc) If you'd like the chance to try this, please inbox me with nothing other than the message "LIKE A BAWS"

    Once again, thanks.

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    Alrighty then... Empty Re: Alrighty then...

    Post  stealthboy121 on Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:08 am

    ive read it and i cant wait for the new server thanx for the heads up sorry ive been such a dick ill stop. but thanx for letting me play lol!

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