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    why i should be -grum


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    why i should be -grum Empty why i should be -grum

    Post  grumblingstorm on Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:10 am

    I think that i should be a staff memeber for Mine-Kampf as i for one have been on the server for a while, about 4 moneths now(because i think it is brilliant). also i like helpinig people and i want to make the server better to get new members and make it a better world for people to play on. I will work as best i can to help this server, and i am not going to stop playing on this server, i also get on this server when ever i get the chance.

    I would realy aprciate it if i could be a staff, not even a piticularly high memebr of staff just someone to help out round the server and that sort of stuff, thanks.


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